Running ecommerce business may look simple from an online shopper point of view, but there is a lot to it reaching far beyond the traditional product catalogue, shopping cart (or basket) and checkout. What is going on behind the scene often makes all the difference between success and failure. Many inexperienced online retailers fail to appreciate the complexities involved, until it is too late.

The good news is, our ecommerce platform will help you deal with many of the complexities, so that you don't have to. So lets get started!

Retail ProductA product for sale, usually listed in one or more of the shop's collections.
(a.k.a. Category)
A collection of retail products.
BrandThe make or manufacturer of a retail product. Some platforms use the term Vendor, but we actively avoid it, as it can be confused with what we call Supplier.
SupplierManufacturer, distributor, drop-shipper or importer that offers products for sale. In some cases the concept of supplier can be used for other parties, such as service centers, restaurants and more.
Supplier ProductA product associated with a particular supplier, usually imported from a supplier pricelist or via some automated channel, such as web service.
ThemeCollection of design elements comprising the look and feel of the shop.
LiquidA template language used for substitution of variable data inside templates.
TemplateA page or block of text, possibly markup and code, which may contain Liquid variables and tags, to be processed / substituted in a particular context, usually that of a transaction.