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  • R 125.00 / year
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Latest Designs Templates

More than 17,000 professional high quality mobile-friendly design options to choose from, infinite design and functional customisations possibilities.

E-commerce Solutions

We offer a comprehensive set of very affordable enterprise-grade tools and services to give your business the competitive edge it needs to stand out from the crowd. Our solutions will allow you to offer better customer service, more efficiently, with less operational staff. Automation comes standard.

Website Hosting

Extremely reliable hosting ensuring 24/7 accessibility to your website and administration interface

Email Hosting

Email hosting with conventional IMAP access, that seamlessly integrates with your website

Professional Website Design

Access to 17,000+ professional & and fully customisable website designs, new designs are added daily

E-commerce Consulting

More than 13 years of hands-on experience with e-commerce, with focus on Africa & Europe.

Website Security

Your website is secured with end-to-end encryption, SSL certificates are supplied at no cost to you.

24/7 Support

Extended business hours support and 24/7 emergency support over phone, email and live chat.

Example Packages

These are example packages for a variety of typical website setups.
You can use our Package Builder to configure your own package, tailored to your specific business needs.
All prices are exclusive of VAT.

1 24/7 emergency support, extended business hours (7-22h) non-emergency support.

2 For month-to-month subscriptions, free design & setup is based on a design template with standard functionality and no customisations. For annual packages, design and functional customisations are done FREE of charge, with the exception of complex setups, such as marketplace and auction websites, requiring significant development effort.

Our Business & E-commerce Services

With more than a decade hands-on experience in the e-commerce industry in South Africa and hundreds of websites set up for a wide variety of businesses, we have the experience to assist you with all your e-commerce needs, no matter if you are starting just now or already turning over millions.

Our Services

  • E-commerce consulting and advice.
  • Local, fast, reliable and secure website and email hosting.
  • Integration with all major payment gateways and courier companies.
  • 17,000+ professional design templates to choose from.
  • Fully customisable website design and functionality.
  • Domain name registration and management.

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Our E-commerce Platform

Our purpose-built e-commerce platform delivers an extensive set of features to help you manage most aspects of your SME retail or service business. It is a simplified, online-first, modular ERP system.

Platform Features Include

  • Fully customisable user experience.
  • Full capability payment & courier integrations.
  • Multi-channel sales: website, POS, Google Shopping and more.
  • Stock, suppliers and purchasing management.
  • Integrated CMS for full control over your website content.
  • Integrated CRM with email and SMS integration.
  • Integrated real-time analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some common questions here, if you do not find your question answered, post your question to us and we will get back to you shortly.

For more than 90% of the websites we set up, we do the initial setup for FREE. Certain websites, where significant development is required, such as marketplace and auction websites, may attract a once-off setup fee.

Recent Blog Posts

Latest news, trends and insights into the e-commerce industry in South Africa and around the world.

Top Reasons To Take Your Existing Business Online

Top Reasons To Take Your Existing Business Online

The world around us has moved into a technological arena, and we must adapt to these changes to succeed. One significant change for businesses worldwide is the shift from your typical ‘brick-and-mortar’ type business to an online business presence.

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How To Choose The Right Ecommerce Platform For Your Store

Choosing an e-commerce platform that is the right for your business is not as easy as it might seem. In this technological and online shopping era, you will not be surprised to learn that there is an abundance of e-commerce platforms from which you can choose. Ensuring that you have the right platform for your needs is essential to your current and future success.

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COVID-19 & E-commerce

COVID-19 & E-commerce

While nearly the entire world has embraced e-commerce as a major part of the COVID-19 solution, the South African government has decided to not follow suit but do the exact opposite, effectively shut down e-commerce, cutting what could have been a life support for many small businesses, plunging them into the shadow of bankruptcy and the consumers into miserable time at home, with no option to buy cooked food, books or office equipment and many other things the government has declared as non-essential

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DIY vs. Hosted E-commerce

DIY vs. Hosted E-commerce

Getting an e-commerce website setup for your business has never been easier or cheaper than it is now, yet we are often in the position of having to redo brand new websites that have just been setup but cannot be used due to hitting an impassable platform limitation or realising high hidden costs associated with seemingly simple customisations.

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B2B E-commerce

B2B E-commerce

Business to Business (B2B) E-commerce is a very powerful tool, often overlooked or underutilised. It can help your business provide better experience to your business customers and streamline your own operations, saving you time and money and reducing errors. If your business is both B2B and B2C, both can be easily implemented on the same website and managed together through a single management platform.

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