Top Reasons To Take Your Existing Business Online

Top Reasons To Take Your Existing Business Online

The world around us has moved into a technological arena, and we must adapt to these changes to succeed. One significant change for businesses worldwide is the shift from your typical ‘brick-and-mortar’ type business to an online business presence.

This change translates to a shift from a physical shop whereby customers can come in-store to view your products to an online presence that customers can visit 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and where they can view your products from the comforts of their own homes.

As a small or large business owner having an online presence will generate more income in the long run and allow you to compete on a platform with a much larger customer base. If you are still unsure about the transition and the numerous benefits of an online presence, here are seven reasons you should set up your online store today.

1. Better Customer Engagement

An online presence allows your business to generate additional customer touch points. The more touch points your business generates, the better your customer engagement. eCommerce solutions and POS (Point of Sales) allow you to capture your customer’s data for future usage.

This stored information can tailor your customer’s experience to suit their tastes and needs. It also allows you to engage with your customer on special occasions such as their birthdays and offer them individual specials and offers.

If your customer has a product or service issue, you can offer them immediate relief without having to visit your business premises in person. You have the option to help your customer fix the problem or even do a return or exchange without them ever having to leave their homes.

2. Easily Update Product Information

Customers like to know what they are buying, and when you are selling products online, you have the room to give detailed information on each product. Your customers will appreciate this knowledge and the fact that it was not shoved at them by an overzealous salesperson. You can also update product information timeously without spending additional revenue on these updates.

3. Cost-Effective Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, you have multiple options, including email marketing or social media. When you have an online presence, you already have your foot in the door to explore digital avenues that can help you spread brand awareness, reach customers, and increase sales without spending large sums of money through traditional paper advertising.

4. Cost-Effectively Expand Your Business Presence

You can expand your digital presence cost-effectively without purchasing new premises or hiring additional staff. Even building a website to manage your online presence can be low cost, with many eCommerce platforms providing you with all the tools and services you might need to create an affordable website.

You will not need to purchase more floor space when adding new products or services. Instead, you can add an unlimited number of products through your CMS (content management system).

5. Increase Your Brand Awareness

Your product reach and customer base are limitless when you have an online presence. You have the option to promote your services worldwide. No longer will your products and services be restricted to your physical location. Instead, you can now interact with new and existing clients anywhere, whether on-site or on the customer’s laptop, desktop, or mobile.

Once your business is online, you can compete with large and small companies, breaking down boundaries between your business and local and international customers.

6. Allow You To Operate Around The Clock

An online presence allows your business to operate around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. These hours can benefit your customer, allowing them to shop when their need arises. eCommerce sites offer you the platform to continue sales even when you cannot be present. With the right platform hosting solid content, your products can essentially sell themselves.

7. Free Promotion

An online presence provides your customers the platform to leave reviews and promote your business. You might see online reviews as a double-edged sword due to the prospect of bad reviews, but even a bad review can be good for business. It all comes down to how you handle the situation.

Suppose new customers see you interacting and trying to fix a problem with an existing customer. In that case, it shows that you are willing to admit fault and ready to help your customers to make them happy, and when these situations occur online, it is there for the world to see that you are willing to engage, which promotes customer trust.

Taking Your Business Online And Into The Future

There are so many reasons why you should step into the future and take your business online. The seven reasons listed above are just some of the most powerful. With the world moving in the direction it is, the internet is too powerful a tool to ignore or not utilize. It can offer you an opportunity to lower costs, reach more prospective customers, and extend your operating hours generating more income and expanding your brand awareness.

If you feel ready to take the next step, Retail Connection is here to support and guide you. Contact us to start your trial today, or our experts are available to answer any of your questions if you are still unsure.

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